French Neckties are BACK! (Reminiscent of “Grease”)

I’m summer loving these neckties that are popping up on woman ever!

Ahem, ahem…

Don’t they look super cute?!

There’s a variety of ways to ties them, and you can use different kind of scarves form silky to stiff.

Click on this link to see the very many ways!

Sorry about the dramatic music in the video, it’s kind of annoying.

But last night I watched the classic “Grease” and not only is “Summer Loving” stuck in my head, but the super cute French scarves sported by some of the stars.

It’s not the first time they’ve been spotted by people everywhere.

Teen Vogue did a short one page commentary on them, raving about it’s “twist of French” which is undoubtedly evident.

The recent scarves trend has been fading a bit, but only because of the warming weather. I’m positive it will stir again!

Until then, follow this tutorial for an eye-catching accessory!

Hip-hip hooray for old trends blossoming once more!