Dear Teen Vogue, I’m Kind of Mad Right Now!




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Okay, look at that purple polka dot by Minajasty's head.
Take a good look at it.
*clears throat, and crosses legs* dear readers, let’s discuss.
Now long hair is "prettiest"?
OH sure, please tell me I am over reacting, that it’s just a story about long hair.
Because that's true.
But, (Yes, there’s always that little word after my statements)
I am sick of this.
Every summer, it’s all about long, beachy waves in your silky hair.
AHEM, AHEM! Hasn’t anyone seen Maxim’s “Sexiest Women and Hottest Celebrities of 2013” list?
I have!
Guess who’s number one?
That’s right.
Miley Cyrus! Don’t even tell me you haven’t seen her haircut.
Miley's Haircut
Woo girl, you rock that look!
Here’s the thing:
Short cuts are SO in!
Aren’t you tired of all that damaging flat ironing you’re stressing your hair out with?
Chop it off!
Of course, I have nothing against Rapunzel locks, but I was very disappointed that Teen Vogue wasn’t fair to ALL hair lengths. One on guys!
Here’s Maxim’s picture of Miley, and you can definitely see why she got #1:
Miley in Maxim
P.S, great choice with Nicki! She’s pretty awesome!