French Neckties are BACK! (Reminiscent of “Grease”)

I’m summer loving these neckties that are popping up on woman ever!

Ahem, ahem…

Don’t they look super cute?!

There’s a variety of ways to ties them, and you can use different kind of scarves form silky to stiff.

Click on this link to see the very many ways!

Sorry about the dramatic music in the video, it’s kind of annoying.

But last night I watched the classic “Grease” and not only is “Summer Loving” stuck in my head, but the super cute French scarves sported by some of the stars.

It’s not the first time they’ve been spotted by people everywhere.

Teen Vogue did a short one page commentary on them, raving about it’s “twist of French” which is undoubtedly evident.

The recent scarves trend has been fading a bit, but only because of the warming weather. I’m positive it will stir again!

Until then, follow this tutorial for an eye-catching accessory!

Hip-hip hooray for old trends blossoming once more!




A Drizzly-ing Array of Footwear

Rain, rain, come and stay, we want to shop for rain boots today!

I’m not loving the rainy weather here right now.

But I am loving these ultra cute rain boots!

(BTW, did you get my joke in the title? Dizzy, drizzly, ha-ha? Get it?)

The only pair of rain boots I have ever owned I loved, I believe they were brown with polka dots. And as my tiny three year old brain remembers, they were really cute!

And then, a diva sense of fashion grew within me.

And when the beloved rain boots developed a cobweb inside, the rain boots were ruled out.

But now, they’re in style! I mean, everyone needs a pair of these rubber shoes for any time the sun isn’t shining. And who wouldn’t want to rock these rubber boots?

Hunter rain boots at

Rain boots from “Moovculture”

Rain boots on

Rain boots on

Bright yellow “hunter” rain boots

Buy these rain boots at

Coach rain boots at

I love them all! could someone please help me in picking a favorite?






Must Have Eyelashes!

We’ve all seen these insane eyelashes Chanel presented for their SS13 collection, which I believed sparked a fad of ridiculously long eyelashes already sported by stars like Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga!

And frankly…

I love long lashes!

Though it may sound a bit over dramatic, but I can truthfully say my life was changed forever the day I got my first eyelash curler.

Really. That’s how great they are.

I have naturally very long eyelashes, but you could only tell if you got up close.

Now with my lash curler, they stand straight up! Sometimes the top of my lashes tickle the skin below my eye brows!

Did I mention- I don’t put any mascara on?

Fake lashes are fun, but unnecessary. I recommend a lengthening serum, to grow out your lovely lashes, and then curl, curl, CURL!

After they have reached maximum length with your serum, curl your eyelashes.

I do the base of them, and I’m done. I don’t work my way up, though you may choose to do so, but I feel it takes away initial volume.

In order to do this, you must curl them for a looong time!

I curl mine for a slow seventy seconds per eye.

And squeeze hard!

The simple rules to follow?

1) The closer to the base of your lashes, the better.

2) The longer your curler is squeezed tight, the better.

3)The tighter you clench down on the curler, the better.

Easy right?

I’m sure you can’t wait to take part in this fantastic trend that has been here forever, but just so happens to be stirring again…

This is a link I for the eyelash curler I use. It works ah-mazing, WAY better than more expensive ones! Only three bucks at CVS. Come on. you can’t get better than that.

Here are some inspirational photos for your endeavor of luscious lashes!




Dear Teen Vogue, I’m Kind of Mad Right Now!




<p style="
Okay, look at that purple polka dot by Minajasty's head.
Take a good look at it.
*clears throat, and crosses legs* dear readers, let’s discuss.
Now long hair is "prettiest"?
OH sure, please tell me I am over reacting, that it’s just a story about long hair.
Because that's true.
But, (Yes, there’s always that little word after my statements)
I am sick of this.
Every summer, it’s all about long, beachy waves in your silky hair.
AHEM, AHEM! Hasn’t anyone seen Maxim’s “Sexiest Women and Hottest Celebrities of 2013” list?
I have!
Guess who’s number one?
That’s right.
Miley Cyrus! Don’t even tell me you haven’t seen her haircut.
Miley's Haircut
Woo girl, you rock that look!
Here’s the thing:
Short cuts are SO in!
Aren’t you tired of all that damaging flat ironing you’re stressing your hair out with?
Chop it off!
Of course, I have nothing against Rapunzel locks, but I was very disappointed that Teen Vogue wasn’t fair to ALL hair lengths. One on guys!
Here’s Maxim’s picture of Miley, and you can definitely see why she got #1:
Miley in Maxim
P.S, great choice with Nicki! She’s pretty awesome!

Super Easy Hair Bow Tutorial!

I did this with my best friend’s hair- she’s my model for every experimental hairstyle that involves long hair, since mine is too short to do anything with.

Anyway, I didn’t use this tutorial. But it’s so easy this way! I can’t believe I hadn’t googled it!

I’ll have to retry, but I guarentee this will work.

The only other thing I recommend is that if you have very heavy or thick hair, you may need more bobby pins so the sides of the bow won’t sag.

If your hair is very silky, put some hair spray type product in it. This will help it stay in and so you can sculpt your hair into the bow.

Last thing! You can also do this on the front of your head, in fact I like it better that way!

Here are some cool pictures of the fabulous hair bow trend:

If you are a more visual person, here’s a great tutorial I found that teches you two different ways!

xoxoxoxoxo, <3, C