A Drizzly-ing Array of Footwear

Rain, rain, come and stay, we want to shop for rain boots today!

I’m not loving the rainy weather here right now.

But I am loving these ultra cute rain boots!

(BTW, did you get my joke in the title? Dizzy, drizzly, ha-ha? Get it?)

The only pair of rain boots I have ever owned I loved, I believe they were brown with polka dots. And as my tiny three year old brain remembers, they were really cute!

And then, a diva sense of fashion grew within me.

And when the beloved rain boots developed a cobweb inside, the rain boots were ruled out.

But now, they’re in style! I mean, everyone needs a pair of these rubber shoes for any time the sun isn’t shining. And who wouldn’t want to rock these rubber boots?

Hunter rain boots at www.northjeresey.com

Rain boots from “Moovculture”

Rain boots on http://www.target.com

Rain boots on http://www.polyvore.com

Bright yellow “hunter” rain boots

Buy these rain boots at http://www.aliexpress.com

Coach rain boots at http://www.coach.com

I love them all! could someone please help me in picking a favorite?







4 thoughts on “A Drizzly-ing Array of Footwear

  1. i love the turqoise/blue ones. they remind me of a pair of chuck taylor all stars. and i am a sucker for a good pair o chucks

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