Must Have Eyelashes!

We’ve all seen these insane eyelashes Chanel presented for their SS13 collection, which I believed sparked a fad of ridiculously long eyelashes already sported by stars like Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga!

And frankly…

I love long lashes!

Though it may sound a bit over dramatic, but I can truthfully say my life was changed forever the day I got my first eyelash curler.

Really. That’s how great they are.

I have naturally very long eyelashes, but you could only tell if you got up close.

Now with my lash curler, they stand straight up! Sometimes the top of my lashes tickle the skin below my eye brows!

Did I mention- I don’t put any mascara on?

Fake lashes are fun, but unnecessary. I recommend a lengthening serum, to grow out your lovely lashes, and then curl, curl, CURL!

After they have reached maximum length with your serum, curl your eyelashes.

I do the base of them, and I’m done. I don’t work my way up, though you may choose to do so, but I feel it takes away initial volume.

In order to do this, you must curl them for a looong time!

I curl mine for a slow seventy seconds per eye.

And squeeze hard!

The simple rules to follow?

1) The closer to the base of your lashes, the better.

2) The longer your curler is squeezed tight, the better.

3)The tighter you clench down on the curler, the better.

Easy right?

I’m sure you can’t wait to take part in this fantastic trend that has been here forever, but just so happens to be stirring again…

This is a link I for the eyelash curler I use. It works ah-mazing, WAY better than more expensive ones! Only three bucks at CVS. Come on. you can’t get better than that.

Here are some inspirational photos for your endeavor of luscious lashes!





Nicki Minaj Cosmetics!

As you already know, and as I already blogged about, teen vogue-ers have been obsessed over her royal “Minajesty”

An ad caused me to look up her new line of lip sticks and lip glasses on mac cosmetics!

“Viva-glam” WOW!

(Isn’t that just a spectacular name?!)

Anyway, rated it a 4.5 out of 5!

Their customers rave about the brilliant color, and we wouldn’t expect anything dull from Nicki.

I mean, talk about va-va-voom!

If you aren’t in the mood for her neon violets and pretty pinks, I find this a perfect opportunity to mention a product I’ve been stashing away in the back of my mind.

Lip Tar!

(This is the part where you should go insanely wild and excited because this is the best thing ever)

click here to experience the variety of sephoras lip tar online.

Now let me get something straight.

Lip tar is the color you order. You buy electric blue? Guess what’s on your lips? Electric blue.

It’s crazy! I’m 100% POSOTIVE Nicki rocks this brand of lip product.

You HAVE to experiment with lip tar AND Nicki’s viva glam prducts with MAC!

(Pinky promise?)



Dear Teen Vogue, I’m Kind of Mad Right Now!




<p style="
Okay, look at that purple polka dot by Minajasty's head.
Take a good look at it.
*clears throat, and crosses legs* dear readers, let’s discuss.
Now long hair is "prettiest"?
OH sure, please tell me I am over reacting, that it’s just a story about long hair.
Because that's true.
But, (Yes, there’s always that little word after my statements)
I am sick of this.
Every summer, it’s all about long, beachy waves in your silky hair.
AHEM, AHEM! Hasn’t anyone seen Maxim’s “Sexiest Women and Hottest Celebrities of 2013” list?
I have!
Guess who’s number one?
That’s right.
Miley Cyrus! Don’t even tell me you haven’t seen her haircut.
Miley's Haircut
Woo girl, you rock that look!
Here’s the thing:
Short cuts are SO in!
Aren’t you tired of all that damaging flat ironing you’re stressing your hair out with?
Chop it off!
Of course, I have nothing against Rapunzel locks, but I was very disappointed that Teen Vogue wasn’t fair to ALL hair lengths. One on guys!
Here’s Maxim’s picture of Miley, and you can definitely see why she got #1:
Miley in Maxim
P.S, great choice with Nicki! She’s pretty awesome!