Add a Twist of Country to Your Wardrobe!

This is a crazy trend that’s stealing the breath from famous fashion critics!


It’s totally new and no one else in the world has ever tried it!


It’s fresh, classic, and never goes out of style! (Yes I know that is the definition of classic).


A country twist on any outfit can most definetely add a sense of cool, chic that looks amazing but you just threw it on.

Who doesn’t want that aura?

Plus, it helps you look down to earth, and calm.

BUT only if you do it right.

Guess: I’m going to give you tips on how to nail country chic, whether you’re you’re seeking full blown cow girl/boy look or just a simple detail that gives the faint aftertaste of country.

Bingo! You’re right, as always.

1) Use pale, washed out shades. Light blue, baby pink, dandylion, whatever! These are not only VERY in this season, but classic and cool forever.

2) Denim. Lots of it. Especially on the bottom half- depending on the weather you can rock plain jeans or shorty-shorts. NOT TOO SHORT! Come on. That’s just gross.

3) Plaid. In denim I referred more to pants. Here, I refer more to shirts. Plaid is so cute, I love it! Just make sure to get good colors, the best are plain and tied a certain way.

4) Tie your shirt like this! What is there to say? Tying your blouse like this is simply… country. If you don’t feel like showing off your belly button (or don’t have rock hard abs like regular people in this country) get your handy cami to hide your belly.

5) Get cool boots. Yee-haw! These kind of boots are simply adorable, and they actually can go with those shorty shorts (ONLY if the boot is a boot that covers most of your calf. It won’t look right if they’re not!).

And they come in every color!

BONUS! Buy a cow girl/boy hat!





Super Easy Hair Bow Tutorial!

I did this with my best friend’s hair- she’s my model for every experimental hairstyle that involves long hair, since mine is too short to do anything with.

Anyway, I didn’t use this tutorial. But it’s so easy this way! I can’t believe I hadn’t googled it!

I’ll have to retry, but I guarentee this will work.

The only other thing I recommend is that if you have very heavy or thick hair, you may need more bobby pins so the sides of the bow won’t sag.

If your hair is very silky, put some hair spray type product in it. This will help it stay in and so you can sculpt your hair into the bow.

Last thing! You can also do this on the front of your head, in fact I like it better that way!

Here are some cool pictures of the fabulous hair bow trend:

If you are a more visual person, here’s a great tutorial I found that teches you two different ways!

xoxoxoxoxo, <3, C

How to Shop at T.J Maxx

Yes, it’s spelled with two X-es! (You learn something new every day)

Recently, I spent a spring shopping spree on the store…

And I have to admit, with reluctancy.

From past experiences, I know that if you’re not careful, their stuff can fall apart after one wash.

But today I found tricks that helped me find a bunch of cute clothes!

Here are some handy hints:

1) Try everything on.   T.J Maxx carries a lot of different brands, and your size can vary upon which it is. Also, the clothes can very easily be switched onto a different hanger. In fact, I recommend this tip to anyone shopping anywhere.

2) Inspect your clothes carefully.   Before buying from T.J Maxx, inspect each clothing article you plan to purchase. I was about to try on an irresistably cute turquoise dress, when I noticed a small stain on the front. If you encounter this, don’t even go there! I’m telling you, with our luck it’ll fit and there’s no more of your size. Put the hanger down.

3) Check everywhere in your section.   This usually applies to any shopping place without saying, but I want to stress the importance of this at T.J Maxx. Unfortunately, sometimes the clothes can be disorganized, it’s not like “I’m looking for a retro-y sweater, and that style is in aisle blah-blah-blah”. No. You have to dig deep to find buried treasure!

4)Have lots of time on your hands.   If you are looking for a quick, 30 minute splurge, don’t come here. Taking the time to find the true quality of a product at T.J Maxx is EXTREMELY important! If you are in a rush it’s easy to overlook an important thread hanging loose or a seemingly insignifigant stain.

Have fun, Maxxinistas!