Street Style Sample#1

Street Style Sample#1

I am starting a new type of post!!!

Street style samples are meant to inspire something new- that you haven’t tried before, that might be beyond your uniform of tee and plain jeans- into your every day wradrobe.

Mores to come ASAP.


<3, Cosette

P.s for street style samples, I'll leave the interpreting/influencing/judging/creatinganopinionforyourself up to you 🙂


2 thoughts on “Street Style Sample#1

  1. I love commenting on ur samples I love this pic as well I would never match this up myself but I hav 2 admit it looks so pretty on her but I hav 1 question is her headband on weird that u can see it acwardly behind her ears or r those headphones? And I really mean this as a literal question oh and I am your #1 fan by the way Cosette!!

  2. those are headphones. unless she is noodle. then those are thingys over her ears but i dont know what they are for on noodle.nope. they are headphones. you can see the cord coming from her purse. i wish it were noodle.that would be sooooooooooo cool. i am also a big fan!

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