Chanel couture Spring 2013

Chanel couture Spring 2013

Not only do I love this couture line, but also the idea behind it.

I realize this is a gay couple, obviously, and whatever your opinion is on that matter, you have to admit that these Lacey dresses are flawlessly designed.

To design like this is risky, especially on such a controversial subject. Which makes it all the more creative!

The headpieces I adore. Which celeb will first be adorned by it in her wedding?

The lace, the frills, the details are all couture! Down to the very last trim it is perfect.

But let’s not gush all about that, this is the expectation for Chanel.

The eyeliner? It’s artistic. But I would never let anyone I know be caked with that much eyeliner.

Bravo Chanel!

<3, Cosette

P.s the little boy is SO cute!


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