Louis Vuitton S/S13


Dear Louis Vuitton,

You just made a fashion show with models riding an escalator.


I haven’t blogged in forever, but now I’m back with an exciting runway show, and I mean EX-CI-TING!

This exquisite masterpiece is sophisticated, bright, and somewhat free.

The models are simply dripping in classiness, and the stage is oozing with sophistication. Still there was a hint of futuristic…. I can’t believe I’m saying this…. Spacewomen.

Only a tad.

The bright checkered prints were my favorite! The flowery designs? Eh. Not my favorite, but still some how fresh. Don’t they remind you of a kimono?

The hair is vaguely familiar… Oscar De La Renta?

Half of making your collection irresistible, I believe, is putting on a show. And this was accomplished thoroughly!

Of course this would be a little dry and bland without the ingenious, everyday need Louis incorporated:


Or glitter. If you want to get SO technical!

For some this may have seemed too juvenile, but I believe this is genius. Now women DESPERATELY want it!

Though we must admit, there are similar headbands in Claire’s. 🙂

<3, Cosette


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