Candy Coated Sprinkle Nails

Candy Coated Sprinkle Nails

Don’t eat them, haha!

This really works!

Just use…

-sticky base
– small rainbow colored sphere sprinkles
-clear top coat

Add about three coats of sticky base coat. Wait fifteen seconds, so it’s still very tacky and wet.

Dip your nail into a bowl of sprinkles! Keep it there for approximately ten seconds, so the sprinkles can stick on.

Remove your nail from the bowl. Gently push the sprinkles around your nail so they cover it all, careful not to push any off the nail.

Now that the base coat is dry, add a top coat. Instead of brushing it on, which can smear the colors, blot it on top of the sprinkles. Let it dry, and add one last top coat if you want.

I wish I could eat them!

These may not last super long, but they will be adorable for a day or two!

I recomed not to lay your head on your hands when you sleep, and carry around hand sanitizer instead of constantly washing your hands.


Ttyl, xoxo followers!

<3, Cosette 🙂


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