In my last post I promised to do a post on lace.

I literally NEED to!

So much lace is being used on the runway, on celebrities, and even on the street that I simply don’t know where to start!

There are many reasons why people everywhere are falling head over hem for lace.

First of all, it now has vast versatility! You can buy lace in every color, and it can add pop or elegance to any outfit.

It comes in any pattern you could ever imagine.

Plus it’s sort of old school gone WAY modern. The same material on the edges of your Grandma’s bed sheets now is also used for a drool worthy, totally chic dress.

With it’s endless elegance, the way it moves on a woman’s body, how much we missed it, how long it’s been used, how honored it-


I missed something?

Oh yeah.

It’s pretty!

<3, Cosette


3 thoughts on “LACE

  1. omg!! can you help me?! i have a t shirt (sorta) that is white lace on top and (white) sheer on bottom.i have just accidentally shrunk my white Camisole that i wear under it. i cant wear it alone!! all i can do with my little fashion knowledge is put it back in the drawer. PLEASE HELP!!I AM SOOOO DESPERATE!

    • Well, you could buy a new cammy, or if you have a cream one (which would look nude and is SO in right now) you could use that, or even a gray cammy. If you don’t have any of those borrow from a friend, but also since it has two layers if you have a solid colored bathing suit that would work well. Depending where you are wearing this to you could still use the bathing suit trick even if it is a bikini. If you wathed project runway all stars, you can see Ivy at the beginning wearing a black mesh top and a bikin top (not a bra exactly) sort of peice under a black mesh covering. I would not try to wear it to work or any where important at the moment in case of an accidental wardrobe malfunction.

      Hope this helps 🙂

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