Fshion Turban Tutorial

first up (below) I’ll be showing you how to make a ‘hat’ style turban.

I lightened the pictures as using back material for a DIY wasn’t exactly one of my better idea’s, I really should have used one of the many coloured jersey materials I have lying around or at least a different coloured thread so the steps were clearer. But like I said in my previous DIY a lot of the time I just get a thought of making something and that’s that!

So anyways onto the tutorial.

What you need-

a piece of Material, or an old Tank Top (which is what I used)

(I didn’t measure so basically when the material is folded over it just has to be too big to go around your head)

Cotton & Thread (although I used black fishing line)


materials for diy turban

Step 1:

Get your material (or tank) and have it folded in half (or laying flat if you are using a tank) and cut out a rectangle shape with one rounded edge, like picture below.

step 1 cut

(the left side is either the ‘fold’ or sewn side of the tank, leave together.

Step 2:

Sew (either by machine or hand) around the right side and top. Leave bottom open.

step 2 sew around

Step 3:

Once your sewing gets to the left side, before finishing off gather the thread,you do this by pulling the thread so its shorter than the length of the area sewn.Then finish off with a knot.

step 3 gather

step 3 complete

Step 4:

Turn the material the ‘right way out’ and I have placed it on a glass head so its easier for you to see what I’m doing and it also gives me an idea of what size I need to be making.

step 4 front (will be baggy) grab either side in small sections and fold towards the middle

The front will be the side that didn’t have the curve. pictured above is the front make sure the sewing that you just gathered is in the middle. Grab either side then fold in towards the middle, pictured below

step 4 both sides folded into the middle

This will be your first ‘fold’, sew in place,

step 4 sew in place (through the  top and back under)

You will repeat this step until you reach the bottom of the material.

step 4 repeatstep 4

step 4 repeat sewing

step 4 complete sew last 'fold' in place

As you can see above I have finished my last ‘fold’, sew in place.

Step 5:

You will have excess material like a tail, cut it off leaving about a 2cm length.

step 5 cut off excess but leave a 2 cm length

step 5 cut complete

Above is what you should be left with.

Step 6:

Fold ‘tail’ under, and also tuck in the top (start) of the folds, pictured below (I am totally awesome at describing things, lol, at least there are pictures….)

step 6 fold under

Then sew in place.

step 6 sew under

Step 7:

now I have turned the ‘turban’ inside out and put it on the head again. Now we are fixing up the back. Push the ‘gathering’ towards the bottom back area.

step 7 flip inside out and push all gathering towards the back like so

Then sew in place. Try it on your head, if it doesn’t sit right you might have to sew along the top part, but using the head I could tell if it was going to fit or not.

step 7 sew a loop so gathering stays in place

And you are done!

how to make a diy turbanDiy turban finished


Hopefully the pictures made the text make sense……

I would definitely suggest trying this out on a stretchy material before you go and do one with something like say satin


I borrowed this all from Madame B Fatale, her blog is at:  http://www.madamebfatale.com/


<3, Cosette


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