Oscar De La Renta Full Runway Show Vid.

OK, so if I could ever in my life afford Oscar De La Renta, I would officially never take it off!
There are some trends that definetely pop out to me:
1) The colored strips of hair. TOTALLY IN! We’ve known this for a while, but it’s refreshing to see it on the runway! I’m now planning to dye a strip of my own hair hot pink.. or yellow.. or blue.. I promise to post a pic!

2)Lacey, lacey! Especially at the beginning. Right now lace is very popular, with it’s chic elegance! And depending on how you wear it, it can add a sassy essence to any outfit.

3) BLAZER. I only spotted a few… but they stood out!
Atleast to me. According to many magazines, they are the best at making first impressions, especially new and fresh on women. Shocking, LIKE WE DIDN’T KNOW THAT. Ladies, we are ahead of the game!

And just to list my favorites and interesting peices. My favorites were, look 5, look 10, look 17, look 18, look 24, look 32, look 34, look 38, look 40, look 47, looks 49 + 50, look 51, look 53, look 57, and finally look 58.
WOW! Can you keep up? But seriously those are the major highlights, atleast I thought.
Yesterday I looked at the Gucci pictures for spring 2013, and personally I enjoyed this more. All of the models are gorgeous as well as every peice of clothing.
I particularly enjoyed the mix of two peices, dresses, and… JUMPERS! JUMPERS, JUMPERS I LOOOOVVVEEE JUMPERS THEY ARE COMING BACK YAYYYYY!
BTW, I’ll be following up on that jumper thing later 🙂
Please comment, like and follow! Thank you so much, xoxo!
Bravo, Oscar De La Renta!
<3, Cosette


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