Say Goodbye to your Flat Iron


This hair (above) is SO in!

SO adorable!

SO fresh!

SO long, flat irons!

We already know the craze on lace, nude colored fabrics, and stripes, but alas, we are forgetting an important factor in a girl’s daily routine:

her hair.

I usually spend a LONG TIME on my hair. Usually. Today, I thought it might finally long enough to throw into a pony tail.

I was wrong. The result? Me messing with my hair ALL DAY.


Textured hair is the best way to make a “WOW-ing” impression for the soon to come seasons.

That means-

no I am not kidding you-

bury your flat irons.

Have a funeral for your staighteners.

I don’t care, just test out textured locks!

And if you already have naturally curly, or wavy hair?

CONGRATS! I am really jealous of you!

To bad there’s no way I’ll ever get a perm…

Here’s some great products to help you achive the trendiest textures ever…

Kinky Curly custard is the best for natural, super duper curly men and women!


This is a sulfate free brand for naturals that want high quality frizz control!



This curling iron is about $40, and is recommended by

But really, almost any curling iron works. This is for naturally straight hair!

If you curl your naturally curly hair, you’ll end up with something like this…



Some curly/naturals actually do curl their hair to get perfect ringlet curls.


<3, Cosette



Fashonista Challenge #1: Romantic look

I’ve been thinking…

Valentines Day is right around the corner. Aren’t you sick of the regular red and pink? Even purple? I love those colors too, but they’re SO conventional and traditional.

ladies, we are the opposite.

so let’s get creative!

I am challenging you to come up with an extremely romantic look without using pink, red, purple, or lace.

WHAT????!!!! IS THIS GIRL CRAZY???!!!!

Yes. But that’s ok.

And what’s in it for you? I’m glad you asked!

Right after the contest I will announce the winner with a post, featuring your blog and totally raving about it! AND after the contest, I will be creating a winners page, a page of links just to the fashionista challenge winners.

Simply send me a picture of your creative look, or notify me that it is posted on your blog.

I will not be entering myself (duh)

You MUST be following me to enter.

And the deadline for all entries is Febuary 3.

Good luck! Have fun!

<3, Cosette